Please do not park too close to the hedge
- for the sake of the flowerage

It was Mrs. G., native Rösrath inhabitant and lover of hedges, that tried to educate mimanca's parents by means of elaborate notes, not to park their car too closely to Mrs. G.'s hedge (for the sake of the flowerage...)

Hereby Mrs. G. gave the creative impulse, as it was for her notes that mimanca's sense for beauty within the little things arouse. At first, she collected all little notes regardless of their content, but soon enough she focused merely on shopping notes from around the world. Also in her childhood, she found her love for animated film, which she is devoted to until this day.

At the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, she studied communications design and contributed texts for the "Lesikon der visuellen Kommunikation" (Published by Hermann Schmidt).

Today mimanca lives and works as an animator, illustrator, djane, roof gardener and note collector in Cologne, Germany.