Since 15 years, Steffi Krohmann tends to forget her own shopping, because she has her eyes on the floor, on the hands of others, in baskets and trollies, searching for shopping notes. Thanks to the support of many co-collectors, she now has gathered a stock of currently about 2.000 notes - and the collection is growing constantly. Lucia Palazzari was the project's driving force: Not just had she contributed half of the notes herself, but it was her that gave the impulse, to turn the notes-clutter into someting. Now here it is.

What is so fascinating about these everyday paper savings? Everybody knows them, almost everybody uses them, they are familiar to all of us. With their limited use and validity, they carry their momentariness within them. To be thrown away thoughtlessly is their fate. Maybe that also explains their charm. Once wrested from their transientness, they outgrow the sheer function and their informational content. They allow arbitrary insights to foreign lives - and become projection screens for our own everyday existence.

One note each!

Mimanca is not just a collection of notes - Mimanca is primarily a project that invited all of us to productively reflect with these notes. Everybody can pick a note, just by clicking on the favored exemplar, filling out the form and confirming the following e-mail. Now, the note is reserved. Attached to the e-mail will be a picture of the note - and the task to work with the selected.

The medium in which to reflect is not predetermined. Photos, Illustrations, Texts, Music, Typography, a culinary translation ... we are very excited to see, how the notes will inspire you. The different pieces will be collected and shown in an exhibition. In addition, there will be a book published.